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I am happy that you found my website, and hope that we can work together to help you heal and grow! I provide individual healing sessions, professional speaking, and lead workshops and events. I invite you to take a look and to contact me if you have any questions.
Energy healing is a wonderful way to work on specific spiritual, emotional and physical problems. Most clients report greater clarity, resolution of physical and emotional pain and improved energy levels. Regular healing sessions can also enhance general feelings of well being, and accelerate your spiritual growth. I use a powerful combination of Clear Light Healing and various techniques that I have developed through my studies and experience with counseling, education, yoga, Chinese medical aromatherapy and medical qi gong to help you heal and transform.
I especially love working with helping professionals, such as counselors, social workers, pastors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, mothers or anyone who devotes their lives to helping others. As a healer, I can offer a safe space for your own issues to be worked on through clearing and healing your energy body. Together we can release old, heavy energy that is often held in the hearts of helping professionals and keep your energy fields strong and protected. I can also teach you how techniques to stay vibrant, healthy and connected while staying present for both yourself and your clients.
In addition to helping professionals, I also love to work with people who are going through big life transitions, such as bereavement, divorce, job loss, moving and/or are feeling unsatisfied with how their life is going and are ready to transform.
I look forward to connecting and seeing how to help you on your journey.
Check back often as I will be adding videos and guided meditations regularly!


  • Kathy L. Austin, TX
    I came to Eileen at the low point in my life, when nothing seemed right and I did not even know which way to turn. I was at a dead end in my career, had suffered through several failed relationships, and was dealing with depression and absence of motivation. I felt stuck. Eileen’s varied background in yoga, counseling, and medical Chi Gong, in addition to her expertise in Clear Light Healing, was greatly appealing to me, as was her caring, understanding and gentle demeanor. I did weekly healings with Eileen for about three months. The sessions were extremely relaxing and Eileen would often explain what she was intuiting, such as where there were energy blockages in my body, or if she was clearing off layers of old issues and the like. Often I would experience a mild and pleasant buzzing sensation, or notice that Eileen’s hands were very warm to the touch. She was able to pinpoint thought processes that were outmoded for me, and offer wonderful suggestions for meditations and affirmations to support the healing process. In most sessions, I had moments of deep revelations, where something that had not made sense to me before suddenly become very clear. It turns out that working with Eileen was the best decision I have ever made. At the end of the three months, I can easily say that my life has positively changed on every level. Most amazing is the fact that these changes seemed to have effortlessly taken place. I have found a new career path that excites me, and it is one that I would have not considered but now I feel confident to pursue it. My relationships have improved. People are reacting to my differently in a very good way: my parents, after 40+ years of offering criticism and negativity, have quite out-of-the blue become supportive and complimentary. I have clarity about my goals and aspirations and have the confidence in my ability to achieve them. And, I feel divinely connected to my higher self in a way that I did not know was possible. In general, I simply feel good every day. Working with Eileen has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Eileen as a healer. I know that I will continue to point back to our work together as the period in which my life changed for the better.
    Kathy L. Austin, TX
  • Laura T. Austin TX
    Eileen is a powerful healer. My session with her was amazing and I felt so relaxed and comforted. She can tune into what is going on with you, and as a very spiritually aware person, she can offer feedback and guidance that resonates, and is keenly intuitive. Eileen has an amazing ability to give, and her comforting and sensitive manner is exceptional. On top of everything, Eileen is a lovely and beautiful person –inside and out. It is a great treat to know her!.
    Laura T. Austin TX
  • Melissa G. Austin, TX
    Eileen is beyond amazing. Her healing abilities have, without a doubt, propelled me toward true inner healing. Her sessions have given me the ability to seek clarity and simplicity within my own life. The light that she works with is the highest, so when I have a session with her, I am transformed. With each healing, I am becoming closer and closer to my own truth and my own path. Eileen is one of the kindest humans on this planet. She makes herself available to her clients, day or night. Her compassion and care comes through in a world that full of confusion. The first time I received a healing from Eileen, I was full of anxiety and fear. I was unable to sleep. I was unable to relax. The energy that was exchanged completely took away all fear and put in its place, love. During the session, I felt so much compassion pouring from her into my heart. It was pure healing. I walked away changed. I walked away centered, grounded, clear, open, relaxed, and profoundly transformed. I knew I had met a true healer. I have had long-distance healings from Eileen and they were just as powerful as being on her table. Her healing abilities are real. Eileen is a true healer. My son has struggled through a very difficult divorce, Eileen continues to heal his broken heart, restore his confidence, and balance his energy so that he may find his center in the midst of this situation. I have been able to depend on Eileen for consistent progress for my son’s well being. I am forever thankful.
    Melissa G. Austin, TX

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