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Pandemic Response: Supporting you Safely with Remote Healings and EFT/ Tapping

Remote Healing Sessions

Due to the current pandemic and cases spiking in Texas, I am providing remote healing sessions. I can’t wait to get back to seeing everyone in person, but remote healing sessions offer the same benefits as in person sessions, and you get to stay safe in your own home. I offer new client (1 hour 15 minutes/ 140$), 1 hour (130$0 and 90 minute sessions (195$). Book here

A Recent Client’s Experience

It is amazing how “informed” I can be about health, wellness, and balance and then find myself out of sync in all three areas. This is what happened to me recently. I knew over the past 8 weeks I had pushed beyond my limits. Some of it was timing and CoVid 19 placing more demands on my workload. Therefore, when I was able to schedule time with Eileen I was way overdue. My remote healing was incredibly relaxing. I don’t know how she does it but she knows what needs attention and what needs healing. When she said my stomach may gurgle she was right. It felt like an internal massage. She also recommended some herbal remedies based on my tiredness and stress on the organs. I ordered everything as I am prioritizing my health and seeking balance during this stress time. Eileen is amazingly gifted and skilled. Thank you Eileen!
Kim Bundy-Fazioli, Ph.D., LCSW Breckenridge, CO


EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, is an amazing healing modality. We tap a series of acupressure points while saying specific words and it completely resets your energy. EFT is useful for physical issues- I use it all the time for headaches. For grief and major life transitions I use it mainly for guilt, revolving thoughts and trauma. It really works for just about everything. If you have tried EFT before without the assistance of a trained practitioner and didn’t get great results, know that having someone help you makes it much more powerful. I also use my energy healer’s intuition to guide the session, which generally gives excellent results. EFT sessions are 100$ book here

A Recent Client’s Experience

I can’t thank you enough. Since our session I have experienced a release from not only the mental distraction of my physical symptoms, but the physical symptoms themselves. I’m a believer! KS, Austin

Welcome to Glow Energy Healing

Energy medicine is a wonderful way to work on specific spiritual, emotional and physical issues. My main area of expertise is supporting people going through grief and major life transitions, including loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, major illnesses, and post natal depression. I have spent many years doing this and working on focused treatment modalities to address the unique pain and difficulty we experience while moving through these painful but necessary life events. I would love to help you move through your grieving process with less pain and intensity, and assist you in creating the new life that will grow out of these changes.

In addition to my focus on grief and major life transitions, I love supporting helping professionals experiencing depletion and burnout . My specific energy healing techniques assist counselors, social workers, pastors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, mothers or anyone who devotes their lives to helping others take better care of themselves. My own experience as a helping professional helps me offer unique and effective treatments for all of those serving others.

Most clients report a feeling of lightness, greater clarity, resolution of physical and emotional pain, and improved energy levels after sessions. Regular healing sessions can also enhance general feelings of well being, and accelerate your spiritual growth. I use a powerful combination of Clear Light Healing, medical qi gong and various techniques that I have developed through my studies and experience with counseling, education, yoga,and Chinese medical aromatherapy to help support your healing and growth.