Crystals to Move You Forward

Healing Election Anxiety
November 8, 2016

Crystals to Move You Forward.

I n the picture above are 4 amazing crystals that I use to ground myself, increase my energy and focus. They are malachite (green), garnet (dark red), kunzite (pink) and Imperial topaz (light yellow). I love these three stones, and they are my companions when I feel scattered and lack energy, or if I am in freeze mode. People respond to difficult situations in many ways, and when a trauma response is activated through an immediate (perceived or real) threat or when old trauma is brought up by a new situation we may go into fight, flight or freeze to protect ourselves. I have a tendency to be a “freezer”. I want to stop, be still and hide somewhere. My freezing tendency has some positive aspects - I think people who respond in this way are very introspective and find it easy to meditate. This is great, but if I need to get going it can be hard to get myself moving in the direction I want to go, especially if I am depleted from the many activities in my life. These stones help me revive and get focused and I love working with them! Here is how I use them:

Imperial topaz is a stone with a strong, supportive bright energy. It helps me process what I need to process and get going. I love to put this beautiful piece of imperial topaz right on my solar plexus. Topaz is formed by fluorine vapor crystalizing in the late stages of igneous rock formations. In my experience, it this type of formation has created a stone that adds extra dimensions to current conditions, and can help with processing, understanding and then transforming. It balances out the solar plexus (3rd chakra in yoga) and also positively affects the important organs close to the solar plexus, including the liver and spleen. Malachite is a master healing stone in many different crystal healing traditions. It is formed when other minerals mix with copper, and its beautiful green color, along with its unique formations make it mesmerizing to look at. It strongly conducts energy and can powerfully transform old, stuck patterns and energy. Although I love using malachite in many different ways, when using it with garnet, kunzite and imperial topaz, I love to place it high on my heart chakra. I feel it breaking up old, stuck energy. Garnet is another wonderful healing stone. The deep red color of this garnet feels very grounding to me. While the other stones feel very active, this one helps with grounding and safety while I get energy moving. I sometimes place the garnet right on my nave to really ground the lower chakras, and I sometimes place the malachite and the garnet up at the heart, depending on which feels better.

Kunzite is a beautiful heart healer with soft energy. It helps with acceptance, as well as calming and nourishing the heart. It contains lithium, which is very calming. I love this stone’s soft, sweet energy. I love to place this stone on the acupressure point cv 17, which is generally on an indentation between the breasts, or I hold it on the center of the palm (pericardium 8). In this position it can either open up the heart or calm it, depending what type of imbalance is present. I generally lie down, slightly propped up with two pillows so I don’t fall asleep, place the stones on my body and meditate for at least 20 minutes. When I am done, I always feel more energized, safe and focused.

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