Healing Election Anxiety

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August 9, 2016
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Healing Election Anxiety.

I t’s election day! Every time there is a presidential election we get a chance to remember what is important to us, and there is also often renewed hope for change. This election has been something else! Emotions have been running high, and we have many historical firsts happening. There have been so many feelings! Anger, fear, joy and everything in between… I have heard so much talk about anxiety during this election. There are lots of reasons why people are feeling so much anxiety - most people feel very attached to their candidate and what they represent, and fear what will happen if their candidate loses. The election has also revealed some big divisions among the people in our large and varied country, and caused some fear and hopelessness to emerge. There has also been an incredible amount of change during the elections. It has been full of twists and turns with Wiki Leaks, the FBI and Access Hollywood to name a few. These bombs, along with our constant access to news and social media has made it hard for us to get out of our heads and stay peaceful. I can’t solve any of the big problems out there, but I wanted to offer something to help people heal and stay a little more peaceful and present, so I made this video with a movement and acupressure practice specifically for anxiety. I did this because it’s supposed to be over tonight, but we have a whole day to get through, so let’s put those phones computers and tablets down and spend a little time focusing on our bodies and transforming some of that election anxiety into peace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUIBQ7FsAi8.

Can’t watch the video? Here are a 3 body based tips for calm: Connect with your breath. We all know we are supposed to take a deep breath when we are anxious, but sometimes it’s hard to really deepen the breath when we are anxious. It’s important to move the breath down into the belly and slow it down. Notice where the anxiety is in your body, focus on it and imagine you are breathing your anxiety out through your mouth. Keep your jaw relaxed and your eyes soft. Focus on your feet: Most people are up in their heads, with running thoughts, a racing heart and short breath. Close your eyes, and either stand or place both feet on the floor in a seated posture. Breathe deeply, bringing your breath down into your belly. Notice your feet, the soles on the floor, each toe, the tops of the feet as you continue to breathe. Imagine you have roots growing on the soles of your feet and going into the earth. Use your breath to move the anxious feelings down into the feet and let the earth take them as you pull nourishment and peace up through your roots. Take a brisk walk, or a slow one: Walking is a great way to balance your system, and you can go quickly, or walk slowly and mindfully. No matter which pace you choose be sure to focus on your feet, just as above, notice them connecting with the earth, and ground yourself as you walk. Stay connected to your breath and to nature, and your walk will help you find calm. .

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