How Energy Healing Can Help During Divorce

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August 9, 2016

How Energy Healing Can Help During Divorce.

D ivorce can be one of the most difficult emotional events that human beings experience. No one ever gets married thinking that they will end up hating each other, or believing that the person they are pledging their love to will devastate you in the future. In divorce there is the death of dreams and trust, as well as a life. When we get married, we do more than just say some words and share a home and day to day activities. There is actually a physiological connection that grows, linking us together through our attachment systems. This article by Andra Brash explains it nicely hurts-0914124 . On an energetic level, we are connected to others - we are attached through our energy systems and what we have created together through shared experiences - words have the same meaning, places may have been experienced in the same way. A married couple lives in a shared energy system, and when divorce happens, it gets shattered. This can be incredibly painful..

One way of understanding the intensity of the pain that we experience is to picture the attachment system as energetic cords binding you together. When you get divorced, your former spouse can use those cords to yank you around, and to send pain into your system, because there is a connection there. Things can also feel confusing - you once loved this person, and now you are being hurt by them, or want to hurt them. The type of connection has changed. Our bodies respond to the trauma of divorce in many different ways. If the divorce was a surprise to you, you may be having a hard time digesting the information, and this could show up as problems keeping food down, eating too much or experiencing different kinds of gastric distress. Our nervous systems get on high alert, and our patience may seem to have disappeared, or we may overreact to everything that comes our way, even things that would not have stressed us out in the past. Sleep may become problematic, we may not be able to sleep or sleep too much, or have strange and disturbing dreams. Our immune systems may be challenged, and colds and other types of viruses may get to us more easily, and we may feel fatigued and confused all the time.

Just as our physical bodies are affected, our energy bodies are also affected, and injuries to our energy body generally manifest as physical issues. As mentioned above, the cords connecting us to our spouse can be problematic, and our heart chakras can become wounded, causing them to be closed off, or perhaps open for re wounding. There is often physical pain in the heart, and illness rooted in the respiratory system abounds. We can also have damage at the root chakra, causing us to feel ungrounded and unsafe. Our second chakra, located around the reproductive organs, where we experience sexuality and creativity, also suffers. We may lose touch with our clarity and purpose and feel closed off and wounded. Energy healing can be an amazing support during divorce. It can help clear off some of the intensity, and create understanding about what is happening to our body and spirit. Also, some people are so traumatized by divorce that they cannot even explain the pain. This can lead to feelings of isolation and increased emotional pain. Glow Energy Healing combines work on the energy body with verbal processing, and this combination is very powerful. We can work on the imbalances in the energy system, and then talk about them to gain insight into our individual pain and healing process. If there are complications and trauma in the divorce - abuse, infidelity, lying, addictions, harm to the children, the pain is more intense, and it can feel like you are walking through a whole universe of pain and confusion, and in these cases, energy healing is a tremendous help. I will be writing another blog post on this because it is a complex topic.

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