Individual Sessions

" Eileen offers amazingly relaxing and comforting sessions utilizing both crystals and essential oils in a way that is both healing and restorative. She is gifted in that she knows exactly what to work on, even if it is something not mentioned. Her knowledge and intuitive use of crystals is fascinating and I love hearing her explanation of why particular crystals were used. I always leave feeling much more centered and calm than when I arrived."         - Moriah

Individual Sessions

Glow energy healing sessions really do make people glow! Here is what you can expect during an individual session:

Consultation - you can share as much or as little about your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs and all information will be taken into account for your treatment.

Custom treatment - each treatment is slightly different and based on your needs. Sessions will include custom aromatherapy based on your specific imbalances, energy acupressure, balancing of the energy body, crystal application to acupressure points and an infusion of energy.

Home support - after your session we will discuss the important things that come up during the session and you will be given a specific set of instructions that will help you keep healing and glowing until our next session. Home support instructions may include recommendations for specific qigong movements, crystals, aromatherapy oils, breathwork, and meditations. I may also recommend specific herbal remedies for you.

Clients generally experience increased energy and clarity, as well as deeper spiritual connection after their sessions.

Individual energy healing sessions are also a powerful way to support deep personal work. If you are in therapy and feel stuck, or are going through a major life transition, energy healing can help bring clarity, release barriers to healing and uncover suppressed emotions so that they can be healed and released.

Individual sessions can be done in person at my home office, or over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or IMO. Remote sessions are just as powerful as in person sessions.

Sessions take place at my conveniently located home office in central Austin. You will receive the address in an e mail when you book your session. I am also available for home, office and hospital visits for an additional fee.

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