Services for Helping Professionals

" Eileen is attuned, professional, and incredibly effective as a healer. My sessions with her have helped to free me of accumulated tensions, and the result is greater clarity, equanimity and a wonderful sense of feeling happy and grounded. As someone who is in a helping profession, I feel so fortunate to have these sessions with Eileen for my own self-care and healing."
- Anita, psychotherapist (LCSW)

Are you a counselor, nurse, social worker, healer, physical therapist, massage therapist, doctor, mother, teacher or other type of helping professional? If so, thank you for the work you do! Most of us go into these professions because we have a strong desire to help and heal others and make a difference in the world. We have big hearts and love to give and care for others. However, being a helping professional can take a serious toll on our own health and well being if we do not take excellent care of ourselves.

Unfortunately, we are often TERRIBLE at taking care of ourselves, and put the needs of others first. Because of these tendencies, we often end up depleted and burnt out because we over give and are not good at setting boundaries.

Energy healing can help with many of these things, and I am passionate about helping other healing professionals heal and grow! I have developed special techniques over the years to specifically help the problems we face as professional helpers. Most of the people I work with are severely depleted in the heart chakra, have trouble pulling positive energy in for themselves, and are depleted in the other organ systems and chakras as well.

We start off feeling fulfilled by our work, and then get into a pattern of giving more than we receive, and this leads to imbalances, resentment, dissatisfaction and depletion. We may feel emotionally numb, or use behaviors such as overeating, drinking (especially wine), shopping and even exercising to extremes to ground our energy.

Energy healing can have tremendous benefits because together we can balance out your system, clear your chakras, and infuse them with energy. In addition, tonifying and balancing herbal formulas, specific qi gong practices and work with crystals can assist you in strengthening your heart and energy system. These techniques are extremely potent, working when other things feel inappropriate or ineffective, and as you heal, your ability to take excellent care of yourself grows. I would love to help you heal as well as expand your ability to stay strong and help your clients!!

In addition to my individual sessions, I offer services such as qi gong movement and workshops on using energy medicine for self care to organizations. See my workshops and events page for more information.