Workshops & Events

" Glow Energy Healing creates a synergistic healing experience that allows individuals to feel more alive, integrated and revived across all aspects of self.Whether you are a healing professional seeking a deep way to self-care and restore your core energies, or an organization seeking ways to support the wellness of staff, Eileen's custom designed healing sessions and workshops truly facilitate deep restoration and nourishment of health and well being. I felt so alive and energized after my session with her and the effects lingered to create new productivity in my business and work with my own clients. Amazing!" -  Kay Hutchinson, McNeill (founder of. Aiki Healing in Manor, TX).

Holistic Healing For Grief

These free groups support the grieving process through holistic practices including writing, meditation, movement, acupressure and Chinese medical aromatherapy. The groups are especially helpful for later stage grief.

The groups meet monthly at Hospice Austin, 4107 Spicewood Springs Rd. Austin, TX

3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:15pm

3rd Wednesday of the month noon-1:45pm

Hospice Austin offers many services for grief. You can find more information/address/contact at

Services for Events and Organizations

I have many workshop offerings for retreats and organizations!

Qi gong movement is an excellent way to break up long conferences that involve a lot of sitting and receiving information. The movement is gentle, appropriate for any fitness level and requires not special clothing or equipment.

Qi gong movement plus acupressure and Chinese medical aromatherapy is a wonderful addition to conferences and retreats, especially where deep processing is taking place. It supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processing, refreshes the energy body and helps keep the energy moving for individuals and groups.

For organizations that are in the business of helping ot,hers I offer special supportive packages that can include mini healings, restorative yoga, qi gong movement and Chinese medical aromatherapy. These workshops are especially helpful if the organization is going through a change, or the staff feel overwhelmed and depleted.

Please contact me for more information! Eileen