Energy Medicine for Grief and Major Life Transitions

Glow Energy Healing, LLC Specializes in supporting people during life’s most difficult times through individual healing sessions, classes, workshops and retreats.

Glow Energy Healing has relocated to Lisbon, Portugal!  REMOTE SESSIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!  

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I am Eileen, creator of Glow Energy Healing.  My true passion is using the amazing power of energy healing to help people heal during the most painful times of their lives.  I offer specialized services to help people regain peace, hope and equilibrium when experiencing pain from the loss of a loved one, a major life transition , or depletion due to overwork or caregiving.

If you are suffering due to one of these challenging life events, I would love to support you.

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News & Updates.

New Class Series!

Healing Movement for Anxiety:

A new class for those who are suffering with anxiety due to grief, the pandemic or one of the many other reasons we have for being anxious in this world.

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Healing Movement for Grief

Healing Movement for Grief classes offer a unique type of support.  We combine a lovely community with movement, acupressure self-massage and breathwork.  Learn new ways to release the pain of grief and share this painful but universal journey with others.  All fitness levels welcome.

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 New Retreat!

Emerging: A One Day Retreat to Reflect on Our Pandemic Experiences

The covid-19 pandemic pushed us all into transformation.  Conscious, shared reflection can help us be intentional about what comes next.  

We will be journaling, creating, connecting and moving to connect with our inner selves and design our paths forward.



Glow energy Healing


Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things that we experience as human beings. We often lose hope and are unable to experience joy. Energy healing offers unique and effective ways to help you heal.

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Caregivers, helping professionals and mothers tend to put the needs of others before their own, often causing depletion and burn-out. 

Specialized energy medicine can address this unique and debilitating exhaustion.

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Divorce/ending a significant relationship, becoming a parent, moving, a major illness or injury and other big changes cause major upheaval in our lives. We need to let go of our old selves to create the life we want. Energy medicine helps us navigate these difficult times.


What Clients are Saying.

"Eileen generates a sense of safety. She is both sensitive and intuitive. I went for an energy session and my experience was extremely powerful."

Annie D. Psychotherapist