Energy Medicine for Life's Most Difficult Times


About Us

Glow Energy Healing, LLC specializes in supporting people experiencing grief, a major life transition or depletion from overwork or caretaking through individual energy healing sessions,  workshops, retreats and healing movement classes.   Energy medicine is a unique and effective way to heal, with many benefits.  Eileen Priya, MS, MA, CAMQ is a caring,  experienced and  highly trained healer who is dedicated to providing high quality services to assist you during your most challenging times.

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Grief is part of the full-body human experience as we journey through life and can stop us in our tracks.  Glow Energy Healing can help move heavy pain out of the heart from stagnation and toward healing.


 Major life transitions can create  imbalance and upheaval in our lives, challenging us to let go of that which we are leaving behind in order to make room for the life we want to create.  Energy healing can help us feel lighter and gain clarity, paving the road for major changes to happen with more ease and grace, and enabling us to make conscious choices about what we want  to  move forward with hope

Restorative Healing

Caregivers, helping professionals and mothers tend to put the needs of others before their own, often causing depletion and burn-out. Glow Energy Healing sessions offer support and nurturing,  and are designed  to balance your energetic system, strengthen your boundaries and rejuvenate your heart.


New Client Introductory Session

90 Minutes

New Client Healing sessions are a 90 minute session at a special, introductory price.  We will take time to discuss your concerns, and you will enjoy extra time on the table.  Finally, you will be given a custom aromatherapy blend and instructions for home practice to increase the benefits of your healing session.

"Eileen generates a sense of safety. She is both sensitive and intuitive. I went for an energy session and my experience was extremely powerful."

Annie D. Psychotherapist

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