Energy Medicine for Life's Most Difficult Times


About Us

Glow Energy Healing offers individual energy healing sessions, as well as workshops, retreats and healing movement classes to support you during grief, major life transitions and times of exhaustion from overwork or caregiving. Energy medicine is a unique and effective way to heal, with many benefits.  Eileen Priya, MS, MA, CAMQ is an experienced, highly trained healer who is dedicated to providing high quality services to assist you during your most challenging times.

Wellness Coach

Grief & Transition

Grief is part of the full-body human experience as we journey through life and can stop us in our tracks.  Life transitions can cause an imbalance and upheaval in our lives and it requires us to let go what we are leaving behind to make room for the life we want to create.

Glow Energy Healing can help move heavy pain out of the heart from stagnation and toward healing.

Restorative Healing

The tendency to put the needs of others first without setting boundaries can cause depletion and burn-out. Energy healing sessions are a wonderful support and opportunity to engage in your own self-care to balance your system and strengthen your heart and energy system.


New Client Introductory Session

1 Hour 15 Minutes

"Eileen generates a sense of safety. She is both sensitive and intuitive. I went for an energy session and my experience was extremely powerful."

Annie D. Psychotherapist