About Glow Energy Healing

Glow Energy Healing is a unique approach to restoration and healing to help those seeking emotional and physical well-being after grief, life transitions or exhaustion, while leading the way for new and impactful approaches to alternative medicine. Energy medicine is a wonderful way for individuals and helping professionals to work on specific spiritual, emotional and physical issues.  My unique proprietary methodology is a powerful holistic treatment influenced by Clear Light Healing, medical qi gong, yoga and aromatherapy to address the unique pain and difficulty we experience while moving through these devastating life events.


Hello, there. I'm Eileen, and I love helping people heal and transform. I created Glow Energy Healing XXXX years ago out of my own diverse experiences with loss and helping others heal through the modalities that I have studied and developed for over 25 years.  Decades of experience in toga, meditation, the chakra system counseling, education and healing has afforded me a unique perspective on energy medicine that helped shape my unique modality. I have actively been practicing energy healing since 2010, and have continuously grown and expanded by ability to serve my clients in a holistic way. I am certified in Clear Light Healing, Advanced medical qi gong, energy acupressure, qi gong movement, therapy, gi gong aromatherapy and yoga. I have a master's degree in Education and Counseling, and am certified in EFT. I have combined all of my knowledge and skills to create a unique healing experience that supports those going through their most difficult times.  

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I am often asked how and why I ended up practicing energy medicine. My answer is that it was a passion that grew in me over time through a series of synchronicities and was never something I planned on becoming. After realizing I had special gifts, I enhanced them through specific training and expanded these offerings through my yoga and meditation practices.  From there, being part of so many healing journeys propelled me into fulfilling this passion and purpose.  As I've continued to grow this practice and passion, I have remained very dedicated to providing high-quality services, so I am constantly studying and broadening my knowledge to bring my clients new develops and techniques from the evolving world of energy medicine.

In addition to my work with Glow Energy Healing, I am devoted to my two children, who have taught me much about the world and about healing. We love reading, walking in nature, exploring, traveling, and drinking tea together. As avid animal lovers, we have a house full of extended fur family members of all varieties. 

Certifications & Education

  • MA Counseling St. Edward’s University

  • MS TESOL University at Albany

  • Yoga certifications in Hatha Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga

  • Clear Light Healing Advanced Practitioner

  • Certified Advanced Medical Qi Gong through Aiki Healing

  • Decades of study and experience with crystal healing including work with Robert Simmons, Adrienne Goff and others

  • PhD coursework in Diversity in Education

  • Studies in Dance and Movement Therapy and Internship with Embodied Neurobiology

  • Provider of healing services at Hospice Austin since 2013

How It Works

I use a powerful combination of Clear Light Healing, medical qigong and various techniques that I have developed through my studies and experience with counseling, education, yoga, crystal healing and Chinese medical aromatherapy to help support your healing and growth.

During our session, we will take some time to talk about your challenges, and then I will perform a healing treatment that balances energy systems, clears blockages from your energy meridians, and infuses healing light throughout your entire system.  I do this by channeling healing energy through my hands and using specific techniques to clear, balance and infuse energy.


​Most clients report a feeling of lightness, greater clarity, resolution or reduction of physical and emotional pain, and improved energy levels after sessions. Regular healing sessions can also enhance general feelings of well being, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Curious about the Experience?

Energy medicine is unique and we know you may have a lot of questions about what the experience is like. We invite you to learn more to hear about the experience from others and watch a short video.