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Energy Medicine for Life's Most Difficult Times

Energy medicine is a wonderful, effective way to work on specific spiritual, emotional and physical issues.  Glow Energy medicine was born out of my personal experiences healing from grief, loss and depletion as well as my work with Hospice Austin’s bereavement department and my private clients.  It is a combination of Clear Light Healing, Medical Qi Gong and Crystal Healing that is designed to help people heal while they are faced with their most difficult times.

When we are faced with a challenging life event, or multiple losses, the things that we normally do to help ourselves such as therapy, exercise, positive thinking and other helpful strategies often aren’t enough to help us get through the difficulties we are facing.  I personally found energy healing when I was faced with a difficult divorce, multiple losses and a major health issue.  I was a yoga teacher, had done many years of therapy, and even have a background in counseling and social work. I knew how to make myself feel better in most situations, but I was stuck. After experiencing the many healing benefits of energy medicine, I sought out training so I could help others heal.

I have spent many years dedicated to this work and  have developed powerful and unique holistic treatments to address the unique pain and difficulty we experience while moving through these devastating life events.  I offer in-person and remote healing sessions to help you heal when you are faced with life’s most difficult times.

I also offer Healing Movement classes, workshops and retreats, so that there are opportunities to heal in a community, which is very important.


I would love to support your healing journey!

What Is a Glow Energy Healing Session Like?

Glow Energy Healing is a multi-sensory experience. Our sessions are designed to make you feel relaxed, nurtured, and rejuvenated during life’s most difficult times. Learn more about:

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I would love to assist you so that you experience less pain and intensity, receive the wisdom granted by your difficulties, and intentionally create the new life that will grow out of this pain.


In addition to my focus on grief and major life transitions, I love providing restorative energy sessions for helping professionals and other  caregivers experiencing depletion and burnout . My specific energy healing techniques assist counselors, social workers, pastors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, mothers or anyone who devotes their lives to helping others.  


Grief support center near me

Eileen offers amazingly relaxing and comforting sessions utilizing both crystals and essential oils in a way that is both healing and restorative. She is gifted in that she knows exactly what to work on, even if it is something not mentioned. Her knowledge and intuitive use of crystals is fascinating and I love hearing her explanation of why particular crystals were used. I always leave feeling much more centered and calm than when I arrived. 


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