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I love helping people heal and transform! Glow Energy Healing  was created through my own diverse experiences with loss and helping others heal through the modalities that I have studied and developed.

I bring a love of aiding people through difficulties and over 30 years experience in yoga, meditation, the chakra system, counseling, education and healing to my work.  This healing work comes from my heart, and I would love to support you!

I have been actively practicing energy healing since 2010, and have continuously grown and expanded my abilities to better serve my clients. I currently have certifications in Clear Light Healing, Advanced medical qi gong, energy acupressure, qi gong movement therapy and qi gong aromatherapy and yoga. I also have masters’ degrees in education and counseling , and am certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique.  I have combined all of my knowledge and skills to create a unique healing experience that is intended to support those going through their most difficult times.

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Many people ask me how I ended up becoming an energy healer. My answer is that it happened through a series of synchronicities, and it was never something I planned on becoming. I became aware long ago that I had some special gifts, and these were expanded through my yoga and meditation practices, and later enhanced through specific training.  In addition, energy medicine is what helped me through my most challenging time, and I love sharing it with others.

In addition to my work, I really love my family!! I have two children, who have taught me much about the world and about healing. We enjoy reading, walking in nature, exploring, traveling and drinking tea together. We are all animal lovers and have 3 cats and a pet chicken.

I am very dedicated to providing high-quality services, so I am constantly studying and broadening my knowledge, bringing you new developments in the constantly growing world of healing.

Education and Certifications

  • MA Counseling St. Edward’s University

  • MS TESOL University at Albany

  • Yoga certifications in Hatha Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga

  • Clear Light Healing Advanced Practitioner

  • Certified Advanced Medical Qi Gong through Aiki Healing

  • Decades of study and experience with crystal healing including work with Robert Simmons, Adrienne Goff and others

  • PhD coursework in Diversity in Education

  • Studies in Dance and Movement Therapy including an internship with Embodied Neurobiology

  • Grief Counseling and holistic support groups through Hospice Austin since 2013

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