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Classes, Workshops, Retreats

Glow Energy Healing classes, workshops and retreats combine the power of group energy with proven, holistic, healing therapies.  Eileen uses a combination of journaling, verbal processing, meditation, movement and acupressure self-massage for a powerful group healing experience.

In addition to classes through Glow Energy Healing, Eileen offers services to corporations and retreat centers. If you would like more information please contact.

Check my booking page for current free class offerings

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New Classes Series

Healing Movement for Anxiety:

A new class for those who are suffering with anxiety due to grief, the pandemic or one of the many other reasons we have for being anxious in this world.  We will use acupressure self-massage, connection with the group, gentle movements from yoga, qigong and dance and movement therapy as well as breathwork and meditation to calm our nervous systems and relieve anxiety.  This class will help you feel better as well as expand your at-home tool box!  All fitness levels welcome

Healing Movement for Grief

Healing Movement for Grief classes offer a unique type of support.  We combine a lovely community with movement, acupressure self-massage and breathwork.  Learn new ways to release the pain of grief and share this painful but universal journey with others.  All fitness levels welcome.



Retreats are 1-3 day intensive healing experiences.  We will use many healing modalities including group sharing, movement, mediation, journaling and partner sharing  to help you reconnect with your inner self and your own desire to heal.  Expect to leave with a new focus for your healing and a renewed connection to yourself and others.​


Upcoming Retreat:

Emerging:  A One Day Zoom Retreat

The covid-19 pandemic pushed us all into transformation.  We were given an opportunity (or perhaps forced) to reflect on our lives and reevaluate what is important to us.  Now we are in a place of rebuilding our lives and social connections.  This retreat is designed to provide a space to sort out who we have become through our pandemic experiences, and consider what we will create in this new chapter that is unfolding.  What does your emerging self need?  What does it look like?  What does it want to share with the world?


Conscious, shared reflection can help us be intentional about what comes next, and help us make sense of the experiences many of us had in isolation.


We will be journaling, creating, connecting with each other and moving to dialogue with our inner selves, and design our paths forward.

Energy healing therapy

I have seen Eileen for help with both physical and emotional distress on a number of occasions and I have always left feeling lighter, more grounded, and with some new clarity or insight. Eileen is extremely intuitive in her work and can sense when physical or emotional pain might need more attention from another kind of professional (masseuse or chiropractor; therapist or spiritual director) or when the difficulty is due to a blockage of energy, unresolved grief or trauma. Most often Eileen can get to the heart of the issue, work with the energy my body has stored around that issue (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual) and help me move through it. It’s a little hard to put into words just how gifted she is in this work or how grateful I and so many others are to her for her healing care. I work at a fairly large non-profit health care organization and have asked her on multiple occasions to work with our front line clinical staff. Without exception they have benefitted from the healing work she has done with them. Recently when I was grieving multiple losses I went to her and she was able to help me find a sense of peace, courage and strength rather than feeling stuck in chaos and sadness. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I know to go and see Eileen. In addition to coming from a place of love and kindness, she is highly professional and skilled at what she does.

NM, M.Div

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