Eileen offers amazingly relaxing and comforting sessions utilizing both crystals and essential oils in a way that is both healing and restorative. She is gifted in that she knows exactly what to work on, even if it is something not mentioned. Her knowledge and intuitive use of crystals is fascinating and I love hearing her explanation of why particular crystals were used. I always leave feeling much more centered and calm than when I arrived.” – Moriah

Look here for detailed information about what an energy healing session is like. You can book sessions through the links on this page, and/or if you know what you want you can book quickly on the Book Sessions and Classes page Packages and gift certificates can be found on the Book Sessions and Classes page – just scroll down.

Sessions and Prices

New client sessions 140$/150$

New client sessions are specially priced 80 (remote) or 90 minute session (in person) so that we have time to get to know each other during your first session. These sessions include time for talking and discussing your concerns, and any current care you are receiving from other providers, healing work – done on a massage table if in person or in a comfortable place, such as a bed, recliner or yoga mat in
your home. We will also discuss helpful home practices that you can do in between sessions, and I will provide a sheet of suggestions of practices to do at home including movement, acupressure, essential oils and/or herbs. These are emailed for remote sessions. Remote sessions also include sound therapy – balancing out the chakras with tuning forks.

Remote : 140$   Book here

In person (available after pandemic): 150$   Book here

60 Minute Glow Energy Healing Session 130$

For established clients. We spend a short time talking, do healing work on the table, or in a comfortable place in your home for remote sessions. You will receive a sheet or email of things you can do at home, including acupressure, movement, essential oils and/or herbs. Remote sessions include sound healing.

Book remote healing: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.phpowner=12619771&appointmentType=13594984

I n  p e r s o n  ( after  pandemic ): Book here

***If you plan on doing several energy healing sessions, consider buying a package. You will receive a discount and custom aromatherapy each session. Purchase here:

Packages are good for both in-person and distance healings

90 Minute Sessions 195$

These sessions are perfect if you have a lot going on in your life and need a longer healing session and more time to talk and process what is happening in your life. Some clients do this when they need verbal processing but want something other than traditional psychThey are especially recommended if you are in the midst of a major loss or a big life transition. We spend time talking and then do a healing session on the massage table, or in a comfortable place in your home.

Book remote: Book here

Book in person (post pandemic) : Book here

There are also packages available if you know you will need to come in regularly. Packages offer a discount and custom aromatherapy with each session: Book Here

EFT/Tapping Sessions 100$ 60 minutes

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective tool to shift your energy and work on physical and emotional issues. We tap a series of acupressure points and say specific words and it can reduce or eliminate physical pain and emotional trauma.

EFT is especially effective to help with recurring thoughts after a loss or trauma. Once we do a session together you will be able to use this as a self-help tool, although it is always more effective with a trained practitioner.

There have been a lot of studies done on this technique and it has been shown to be effective for PTSD in
veterans, physical pain, trauma and more. Some studies and more information can be found here: https://
emofree.com. I was trained by an official EFT practitioner. Book here

Pet Healing 65$

Energy healing is very effective for pets! I have healed my own cats and chicken when I was told their lives were in peril and have helped several animals thrive after their owners were told they needed to be euthanized. Older animals can be soothed and comforted, and younger animals can often completely regain health. Many clients have reported that their pets lab results are noticeably better after healings. Pet healings are only 30 minutes because they seem to soak up the healing energy faster than us humans.   Book here

Here is a video of what sessions might look like:

Here is a more detailed description of what sessions are like:

Remote sessions are done over phone, Zoom or FaceTime. I will e mail you specific instructins and you can choose a quiet, comfortable place in your home. I am able to tune into your energy and work on you from a distance. It is very effective!!

Checking in – you can share as much or as little about your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs and all information will be taken into account for your treatment.

Custom treatment – each treatment is slightly different and based on your needs. In person sessions will include custom aromatherapy based on your specific imbalances, energy acupressure, balancing of the energy body, crystal application to acupressure points and an infusion of energy. Remote sessions include balancing and clearing the chakras, infusing energy, using the energy of crystals to correct imbalances and using tuning forks to balance the energy system.

During both types of sessions I will also connect with your spirit guides, and sometimes loved ones who have passed are present.

Checking in and Home support – after your session we will discuss the important things that came up during the session, and you will be given a specific set of instructions that will help you keep healing and glowing until our next session. Home support instructions may include recommendations for specific qigong movements, crystals, books, aromatherapy oils, breathwork, and meditations. I may also recommend specific herbal remedies for you. If we do a remote session I will email these to you.

Clients generally experience increased energy and clarity, as well as deeper spiritual connection after their sessions. Individual energy healing sessions are also a powerful way to support deep personal work. If you are in therapy and feel stuck, or are going through a major life transition, energy healing can help bring clarity, release barriers to healing and uncover suppressed emotions so that they can be healed and released.

In person sessions take place at my conveniently located home office in central Austin. You will receive the address in an email when you book your session.

Remote healings take place in the comfort of your own home, or another safe place of your choosing.