Grief and Healing

Grief is part of the human experience. As we journey through life, it is unavoidable, and yet nothing can ever prepare us for the intensity of the grieving process. Grief is a full body experience that can stop us in our tracks, and sometimes it feels as if it will never end.

Grieving often puts us in the most pain we have ever experienced, and the duration of pain when we are healing from a major loss forces us to change our lives so that we have space to recover. Sometimes we also need a new healing modality to help us find our way, and Glow Energy Healing can be a beautiful, effective support tool.

Through clearing the chakras we can move heavy pain out of the heart, and clear grief out of the lungs, where it is held according to Chinese medicine. Most people feel lighter and clearer after sessions.

If you are a helping professional experiencing grief, I have special treatments that address the additional layers of grief stored in the body from all of the losses you have helped your clients work through. This grief can come up during your own loss and make grieving more complicated. This complex grief can lead to compassion fatigue if it isn’t treated. Energy medicine can help

If you feel like you are stuck in your grief and are experiencing hopelessness, know that energy healing can often help move stagnation and help the heart heal when other things aren’t helping.

Individual sessions combined with herbal therapy can be extremely powerful.

I sometimes offer free Healing Grief Holistically groups, movement classes and cofacilitate retreats through Hospice Austin. They offer many free or low cost options for grief support. Check for latest offerings or call (512) 342-4700 .