Life Transitions & Healing

Energy Healing can be extremely helpful during the upheaval caused by major life transitions. I believe all major life transitions require us to grieve what we are leaving behind and make conscious choices about what we want to create, and then move forward with hope and clarity. Clearing and resetting the chakras and the energy body can help with this process. Below are a few of the major life transitions I work with.

Divorce/End of Significant Relationship Divorce or the end of any significant relationship can be an extremely painful life transition. Ending a marriage, business partnership, significant romantic relationship, or friendship, something that started with love, hope and dreams can be a painful process. This is true even if you know it is for the best. When a marriage or significant relationship ends, we have a lot to grieve. The dreams that were not realized, the time spent together, lost years of your life, and perhaps a change in living, financial and other circumstances. If you have what I call a complicated or traumatic divorce or ending, one that involves infidelity, addiction, abuse, control of children or financial devastation, there are more layers to work through. I believe it is important to grieve whatever losses come with a divorce or ending and then reclaim your life energy to create the life you want. Energy healing can help by clearing old patterns and getting your life energy balanced and running freely. It can also help process and release grief held in the heart chakra (lungs and heart) to lessen the pain of this major life transition.

Major Injury or Illness A major injury or illness can end life as we know it in an instant. It is helpful to have a place to process this pain, grieve the person we were before the injury or illness, and embrace our new self. Energy healing can sometimes help with injuries or illnesses that come on during grief or other major life transitions that have an emotional base.

Post Natal Depression Becoming a parent is a huge life transition, and there are many factors that how it affects us. We have a new body, new roles, and a new person to take care of. If you are suffering from post natal depression, you may need to grieve the self you were before being able to embrace the new life ahead. If you have a difficult birth, a baby with special needs, have unreleased trauma from your own childhood, or have another traumatic life event during pregnancy or soon after your baby’s birth your system may be so overwhelmed that it wants to shut down. Glow energy healing can help by providing a safe, compassionate space to process feelings, as well as support to your energy systems.

Job Loss Losing a job, or even ending a career voluntarily can result in a loss of identity and confusion about where to go next. Energy healing can help by balancing the desires of the heart with our forward moving energy at the solar plexus to help us move forward with clarity and joy.