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Using K2 Jasper to Ground and Shift Your Energy

K2 jasper is an amazing healing stone. It is actually not jasper, but rather a combination of white granite and azurite. It is found on the mountain K2 in the Himalayas. A nice, thorough description can be found here: The azurite is in these lovely round dots throughout the stone, so it is a very attractive and interesting stone to look at.

I was having a difficult day. One of my children was going through some intense changes and I was putting a lot of energy into helping her heal, in addition there were some challenges at work, and I wasn’t sleeping well. I also had a sprained ankle, so my ability to shift myself through movement wasn’t available to me, as it was too painful to be on my feet and I didn’t feel satisfied from just moving my upper body.

When I woke up I felt scattered and all of my energy was trapped in my heart and I just couldn’t shift it. I was worrying and ruminating, and at the same time observing myself and I was fully aware that I wanted to move out of this negative space.

I did a morning breath practice and meditation to try to move into a more peaceful state and spent time with a dear friend, and while these things made me feel better for a short time I kept returning to this space I didn’t want to be in.

Feeling defeated, I went into my office and started rearranging my crystals. I immediately started feeling better, and then I felt drawn to two pieces of K2 jasper that were sitting together in one of my crystal trays. These are not stones that I had regularly worked with. I had gotten them several years ago and while they had always added beauty to my office, I only occasionally used them in healing sessions or in my own meditations. I held one in each hand and was drawn to hold them pointing down toward the earth. As I did this I felt all of the energy that was in my heart and in my head ground down and settle.

Interestingly, this feeling went away if I tried crossing my arms-something I do often for brain balancing, and slightly diminished when I moved the stones up my body. The grounded feeling got stronger as I directed them towards the floor.

I then saw this beautiful white light, and a feeling of peace moved through my body. I released the worries that had plagued me all day and returned to a place of trust and connection to the divine. It was so beautiful that I stayed with this for awhile and then returned to my home feeling completely different.

Curious, I looked up the healing properties of this stone- and others have had the same experience - a heaven and earth healing experience!

Since having this experience, I have used these stones more in healing sessions either placing by the client’s hands-either next to them or directly in the palms, or on either side of the head. I place them by the head if I feel a lot of cycling thoughts, and by the hands if the energy is more at the heart, this placement allows me to access the heart and pericardium meridians.

It’s always fun to read about crystals in books, but I feel like my deepest experiences happen when I experience a stone on my own and then see if it matches up with the experiences of others. Often it does, and I feel a tremendous union with all of the other stone healers and crystal lovers in the world and tremendous gratitude for the gifts they bring us.

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