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Postnatal Depression

Becoming a parent is a huge life transition, and there are many factors that how it affects us. We have a new body, new roles, and a new person to take care of. If you are suffering from post natal depression, you may need to grieve the self you were before being able to embrace the new life ahead. If you have a difficult birth, a baby with special needs, have unreleased trauma from your own childhood, or have another traumatic life event during pregnancy or soon after your baby’s birth your system may be so overwhelmed that it wants to shut down. In-person or distance Glow Energy Healing sessions can help by providing a safe, compassionate space to process feelings, as well as support to your energy systems.

Effective Energy Medicine

What is a Glow Energy Healing Session Like?

Glow Energy Healing is a multi-sensory experience. Our sessions are designed to make you feel relaxed, nurtured, and rejuvenated during life’s most difficult times. Learn about:

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