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Our services help those experiencing grief and major life transitions, as well as helping professionals experiencing depletion and burnout . Our specific energy healing techniques assist counselors, social workers, pastors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, mothers or anyone who devotes their lives to helping others. 



Not sure which session is right for you?  We've created a guide below to help explain our services.



Grief is part of the full-body human experience . As we journey through life, it is unavoidable, and yet nothing can ever prepare us for the intensity of the grieving process. Grief is a full body experience that can stop us in our tracks, and sometimes it feels as it is will never end. 

Glow Energy Healing works especially well for cases of complicated and traumatic grief - sudden losses, death by suicide, losses that involve complex relationships, pet loss, or losses that involve mental illness or addiction to name a few. 


Who it's for: Individuals or Caregiver Professionals experiencing loss

Life Transitions

Energy Healing can be extremely helpful during the upheaval caused by major life transitions. I believe all major life transitions require us to grieve what we are leaving behind and make conscious choices about what we want to create, and then move forward with hope and clarity.


Glow Energy Healing can help with circumstances such as divorce or end of a significant relationship, transitioning couples, major injury or illness, post natal and depression.


Who it's for: Individuals working through major life transitions or Mother's post-natal depression

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Wellness Coach

Restorative Healing

As mothers and professionals, we often put the needs of others first. Because of these tendencies, we often end up depleted and burnt out because we over-give and are not good at setting boundaries. A pattern of giving more than we receive leads to imbalances, resentment, dissatisfaction and depletion.


Glow Energy Healing sessions are a wonderful support, and an opportunity to engage in your own self-care to balance out your system and strengthen your heart and energy system.


Who it's for: Mother's and Helping Professionals Experiencing Depletion


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A longer appointment time for a special price for first-time clients. We will discuss what is going on and have a little more time for your healing. Remote healings are done over the phone and are a powerful way to heal in the safety of your home.

New Client Remote Session

1 Hour 15 Min | $140

Remote healings are done in the comfort of your own home - energy healing is equally powerful at a distance!

Distant Remote Session (1 Hour)

1 Hour | $130

A longer remote healing session for those needing some extra nurturing. We will also have more time to discuss what you need to work on and things that arose during your session. Experience the benefits of energy healing in the comfort of your home.

Distant Remote Session (90 Min)

90 Min | $195




The new client introductory session is a 90 minute  session at a special price.  We will spend time discussing what physical, emotional and spiritual challenges you are facing.  This will be followed by a healing session including energy and meridian balancing, energy infusion, aromatherapy and crystal healing.  After the healing, we will discuss ways that you can enhance the benefits of your session at home, and I will prepare a custom aromatherapy blend and instructions for your home practice.

New Client In-Person

90 Min | $150

Description here

Glow Energy Healing Signature Session (1 Hour)

1 Hour | $130

Description here

Glow Energy Healing Signature Session (90 Min)

90 Min ($195)

Healing for both of you! We will spend a short time discussing your intentions as a couple, and then I will set up a restorative yoga pose for 1 person while the other one receives a healing, and then we will switch. Finally, we will discuss what came up in the session and how you can use the information to strengthen your connection.

New Client Couples Healing

2 Hours | $260

A private qigong and acupressure session to address your specific issues. We will decide together what you want to focus on and do a special qigong and acupressure practice. If you would like, we can film it and make a video for you to use at home.

Private Qigong & Acupressure Session

1 Hour | $85

Pet healings can help with many different conditions and can be done in person or remotely - please contact me for more information if you are interested.

Pet Healing

30 Min | $65



Description here

Summer Classes | Healing Movement for Grief

90 Min | Free



Depend your healing with this package. Glow 4 Sessions package include four 90-minute healing sessions plus herbs (tablet formulas), aromatherapy or custom crystal therapy with each session. $15 discount per session, plus additional savings with herbs, crystals and aromatherapy. This is a wonderful option if you enjoy longer sessions or need verbal processing time, as well as time on the table.

Glow 4 Sessions

90 Min ea. | $720

Commit to your healing with a Glow package. This package includes four 1-Hour healing sessions, either remote or in-person, plus tablet formula herbs and/or aroma therapy blends for home use, and email and phone support between sessions. If you are going through a life transition or experiencing intense depletion, this package will help support your growth. A $600 value.

Glow Package

1 Hour ea. | $480

A gift for someone special! Includes a new client session (90 minutes) and custom aromatherapy blend Recipient will receive aromatherapy blend at the session.

Custom Aromatherapy Session

90 Min | $150


 Give the gift of healing. Good for enrollment in any 10 class Healing Movement series. These classes combine acupressure self-massage and gentle movement from yoga and chi gong. *Classes are currently taking place over Zoom.

Healing Movement for Grief Classes



This gift certificate is for 1-hour healing session with Glow Energy Healing for established clients. A lovely gift for those who love energy healing.

Healing Session (Established Client)


A wonderful gift for pet owners! Energy healing is very effective for animals. This is a nice way to support friends who are struggling after a loss, are experiencing physical symptoms that don’t have a clear cause, or need some support toward the end of their lives.

Pet Healing Gift Certificate


One registration for Moving Forward After Loss Workshop – give the gift of transformation. This workshop helps evaluate how our grief has affected us and what we want to create next in our lives.

Moving Forward After Loss Workshop


Give the gift of healing! Remote healings are very effective and a perfect gift for someone far away, or when no one can meet in person – during the quarantine we are now in. Sessions are conducted over the phone and can be booked online.

New Client Remote Healing Gift


Two 1-hour sessions plus a custom aromatherapy blend to take home. $270 value.

Two Glow Energy Healing Sessions with Aromatherapy Gift