Belinda McGhee, PhD.

Eileen has made a significant difference throughout my grieving process after the loss of my son. The intensity of emotions that immediately come to the surface every time I think of my son has been utterly exhausting. When Eileen touched me in her energy healing sessions, I felt that she literally was infusing me with energy. The next few days my heart feels lighter and I can think more clearly and rationally. Over time, Eileen’s sessions have helped me understand and process many of the feelings and reactions I was experiencing. Her strengths are two-fold: The first it is her ability to provide immediate relief through the energy healing sessions. The second is her uncanny ability to assess the specific grieving issue I was experiencing at the time and provide me with the opportunity to explore and understand how to release these feelings in a positive and helpful way. I would not hesitate to recommend Eileen to anyone experiencing grief or other challenging life situations.

Kathy L. Austin, TX

I came to Eileen at the low point in my life, when nothing seemed right and I did not even know which way to turn. I was at a dead end in my career, had suffered through several failed relationships, and was dealing with depression and absence of motivation. I felt stuck. Eileen’s varied background in yoga, counseling, and medical Chi Gong, in addition to her expertise in Clear Light Healing, was greatly appealing to me, as was her caring, understanding and gentle demeanor. I did weekly healings with Eileen for about three months. The sessions were extremely relaxing and Eileen would often explain what she was intuiting, such as where there were energy blockages in my body, or if she was clearing off layers of old issues and the like. Often I would experience a mild and pleasant buzzing sensation, or notice that Eileen’s hands were very warm to the touch. She was able to pinpoint thought processes that were outmoded for me, and offer wonderful suggestions for meditations and affirmations to support the healing process. In most sessions, I had moments of deep revelations, where something that had not made sense to me before suddenly become very clear. It turns out that working with Eileen was the best decision I have ever made. At the end of the three months, I can easily say that my life has positively changed on every level. Most amazing is the fact that these changes seemed to have effortlessly taken place. I have found a new career path that excites me, and it is one that I would have not considered but now I feel confident to pursue it. My relationships have improved. People are reacting to my differently in a very good way: my parents, after 40+ years of offering criticism and negativity, have quite out-of-the blue become supportive and complimentary. I have clarity about my goals and aspirations and have the confidence in my ability to achieve them. And, I feel divinely connected to my higher self in a way that I did not know was possible. In general, I simply feel good every day. Working with Eileen has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Eileen as a healer. I know that I will continue to point back to our work together as the period in which my life changed for the better.

Anita, Psychotherapist

Eileen is attuned, professional, and incredibly effective as a healer. My sessions with her have helped to free me of accumulated tensions, and the result is greater clarity, equanimity and a wonderful sense of feeling happy and grounded. As someone who is in a helping profession, I feel so fortunate to have these sessions with Eileen for my own self-care and healing.

Kim Bundy-Fazioli, Ph.D., LCSW Breckenridge, CO

It is amazing how “informed” I can be about health, wellness, and balance and then find myself out of sync in all three areas. This is
what happened to me recently. I knew over the past 8 weeks I had pushed beyond my limits. Some of it was timing and CoVid 19 placing more demands on my workload. Therefore, when I was able to schedule time with Eileen I was way overdue. My remote healing was incredibly relaxing. I don’t know how she does it but she knows what needs attention and what needs healing. When she said my stomach may gurgle she was right. It felt like an internal massage. She also recommended some herbal remedies based on my tiredness and stress on the organs. I ordered everything as I am prioritizing my health and seeking balance during this stress time. Eileen isamazingly gifted and skilled. Thank you Eileen!


Eileen offers amazingly relaxing and comforting sessions utilizing both crystals and essential oils in a way that is both healing and restorative. She is gifted in that she knows exactly what to work on, even if it is something not mentioned. Her knowledge and intuitive use of crystals is fascinating and I love hearing her explanation of why particular crystals were used. I always leave feeling much more centered and calm than when I arrived. 

Annie D. Psychotherapist

Eileen generates a sense of safety. She is both sensitive and intuitive. I went for an energy session and my experience was extremely powerful. Last year I lost a nephew who died of complications due to Cystic Fibrosis. During my time with Eileen I got in touch with deep layers of grief that I had not yet tapped into and a calming sense that my nephew’s energy continues to be present in my life. I have so much gratitude to Eileen and strongly recommend her as ahealer.

NM, M.Div

I have seen Eileen for help with both physical and emotional distress on a number of occasions and I have always left feeling lighter, more grounded, and with some new clarity or insight. Eileen is extremely intuitive in her work and can sense when physical or emotional pain might need more attention from another kind of professional (masseuse or chiropractor; therapist or spiritual director) or when the difficulty is due to a blockage of energy, unresolved grief or trauma. Most often Eileen can get to the heart of the issue, work with the energy my body has stored around that issue (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual) and help me move through it. It’s a little hard to put into words just how gifted she is in this work or how grateful I and so many others are to her for her healing care. I work at a fairly large non-profit health care organization and have asked her on multiple occasions to work with our front line clinical staff. Without exception they have benefitted from the healing work she has done with them. Recently when I was grieving multiple losses I went to her and she was able to help me find a sense of peace, courage and strength rather than feeling stuck in chaos and sadness. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I know to go and see Eileen. In addition to coming from a place of love and kindness, she is highly professional and skilled at what she does.


As a counselor I make sure to carve out self-care time for myself, but I had no idea how depleted I was from so many years of giving to clients! Eileen’s sweet and gentle approach really nourished and empowered me to feel whole again. I am glowing now, thanks to Eileen!

Martha Perez

” Eileen’s sessions provide a deep rest to all bodies (soul, mind, emotional, and physical). It is stepping into a timeless moment of magick and healing. I have loved the flow in her chi gong classes and have surrendered to deep creative processes transcendental to my life in her healing table. I am deeply grateful for her work and how permanent the shifts can be from just one session. Wonder full!