I have seen Eileen for help with both physical and emotional distress on a number of occasions and I have always left feeling lighter, more grounded, and with some new clarity or insight. Eileen is extremely intuitive in her work and can sense when physical or emotional pain might need more attention from another kind of professional (masseuse or chiropractor; therapist or spiritual director) or when the difficulty is due to a blockage of energy, unresolved grief or trauma. Most often Eileen can get to the heart of the issue, work with the energy my body has stored around that issue (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual) and help me move through it. It’s a little hard to put into words just how gifted she is in this work or how grateful I and so many others are to her for her healing care. I work at a fairly large non-profit health care organization and have asked her on multiple occasions to work with our front line clinical staff. Without exception they have benefitted from the healing work she has done with them. Recently when I was grieving multiple losses I went to her and she was able to help me find a sense of peace, courage and strength rather than feeling stuck in chaos and sadness. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I know to go and see Eileen. In addition to coming from a place of love and kindness, she is highly professional and skilled at what she does.
NM, M.Div

Glow Energy Healing Workshops, Events and Classes

Glow Energy Healing offers speaking and support for conferences, retreats and events as well as workshops. Contact me for more information on how I can support your organization or event! eileen.priya@gmail.com

NEW!! Healing Movement Zoom Series
Fall/Winter 2020

Healing Movement classes are 10 class series that incorporate acupressure self-massage and gentle movements from yoga and chi gong.  This unique and effective combination helps to reset your energy and release tension. We will address common issues that have arisen during the pandemic including eye fatigue, back, neck and shoulder tension, anxiety and insomnia.  We will have a brief check in at the beginning and end of each class to help create community and share our challenges and our growth.

3 Different Sessions are being offered for fall/winter 2020:

Healing Movement for Grief

The Healing Movement for Grief series will focus on healing from the loss of a loved one(s) and the unique challenges we are facing while grieving during the pandemic.   Each series is 10 classes/$150

Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm.  Classes meet every Tuesday 9/29/2020-11/30/2020.

Enroll Here

Thursdays 12pm- 1:45pm.  Classes meet 9/24/2020-12/3/2020, no class on Thanksgiving.

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Healing Grief Holistically Support Groups

These free groups provided through Hospice Austin support the grieving process through holistic practices including writing, meditation, movement, acupressure and Chinese medical aromatherapy. The groups are especially helpful for later stage grief.

For more information about these groups and to sign up go to https://www.hospiceaustin.org/our-services/griefsupport/ or call Hospice Austin at (512) 342-4700 and ask for the bereavement department,

Services for Events and Organizations

Speaking I provide inspirational, experiential talks on grief, healing, supporting helping professionals and
moving through major life transitions with grace.

Special support for conferences, workshops and retreats

I would love to provide gentle movement and healing services at your workshops, retreats and events!
Specially designed movement and acupressure self massage sessions are an excellent way to break up long conferences that involve a lot of sitting and receiving information. The movement is gentle, appropriate for any fitness level and requires not special clothing or equipment.

Qi gong movement plus acupressure and Chinese medical aromatherapy is a wonderful addition to conferences and retreats, especially where deep processing is taking place. It supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processing, refreshes the energy body and helps keep the
energy moving for individuals and groups. For organizations that are in the business of helping
others I offer special supportive packages that can include mini healings, restorative yoga, qi gong movement and Chinese medical aromatherapy. These workshops are especially helpful if the organization is going through a change, or the staff feel overwhelmed and depleted. Please contact me for more information! eileen.priya@gmail.com

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