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Here are the answers to my most frequently asked questions, including how Glow Energy Healing compares to reiki, what different healing modalities do, and more. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please ask! Energy healing is a less known healing modality and we are just beginning to understand how it works, so I welcome all questions.

Do you have a question that isn't answered here?

  • How does energy healing work?
    How energy healing works is still mysterious, but there are some scientific studies that are backing it up. My most succinct explanation would be that body is an energy system, and energy healing helps open and balance the system, creating harmony and activating the body’s ability to heal as well as an enhancement of our connection to all things. Here are some articles that might be helpful:
  • How does remote healing work?
    This is a mysterious thing! I first started doing remote healing on my children when they were away from me. They would sometimes get headaches or stomachaches and call me for help. When they are at home, I use a variety of healing methods to keep them healthy and help them feel better when they are in distress. Although I had received remote healing myself, and had it explained to me, it never really made sense until my daughters needed help. I just focused on their essence and was able to heal over the phone. Since those first healing with my two wonderful daughters, I have developed the ability to heal others remotely as well. I just focus on your energy and go into the same meditative state that I use in person to heal. Although I always think there is something special about putting my hands on someone physically, I have had great things happen with remote healing. We are truly all connected, and this has never been more clear to me than when I do the remote healing. If you have any questions about this, please email me
  • What is Clear Light Healing, and is it like Reiki?"
    Clear light healing is a specific form of energy healing, developed by Mielle Vietor. Mielle activated my hands and gave me specific training on working with energy body, enhancing and focusing my own gifts as a healer. Although Clear Light is different from Reiki, I believe they are in the same family – all energy healing uses the positive life force, sometimes called qi, source, prana or divine light to heal and help us enhance our connection with the divine. Reiki is the most well known form of energy healing here in the U.S. but there are many different forms of healing, and they have a long and colorful history. For more on Clear Light Healing see
  • I just had a healing and I feel euphoric! Will this last a long time?
    Many people feel incredibly happy and spiritually connected after a healing. I hope it lasts a long time! For most people this fades after a day or two, but general feelings of increased well being continue longer.
  • How many energy healing sessions will I need to feel better?
    This depends on many factors. If you are in a difficult place, I highly recommend getting at least 4 weekly sessions, and then seeing how you feel. If you are working on a specific issue it can sometimes be cleared in a session, although most physical issues require several sessions. Many people like to do a series of 4-12 and then come in for tune ups as needed. What you do in between sessions is important as well. A healthy diet, gentle movement, and a meditation or other spiritual practice will help support your growth. Energy healing is a wonderful complement to many other types of treatment. If you feel stuck in psychotherapy, or if you are getting a western medical treatment such as chemo, energy healing can be very helpful. It can accelerate spiritual and emotional growth and bring peace and clarity. I hope more studies are conducted that show the positive effects of combining healing with other treatments.
  • I just had a healing and I feel horrible! What happened?
    Sometimes healing leads to a healing crisis or detox. If you have ever done a physical detox, eating healthy food and taking herbs after a period of unhealthy eating, you know that you can feel terrible for the first few days as your body clears out the unhealthy food and habits. The distress some people feel after a healing is similar, unhealthy spiritual and emotional patterns are leaving, or you are more aware of them and able to work on them in a more focused fashion. If you have a detox, please call me. We may be able to lessen the distress over the phone through a remote mini healing, or you may need to come back in to clear off the things that came up to be healed.
  • What is…. Clear light healing?
    Clear light healing is a powerful healing method that infuses the body with spiritualizing light, releasing patterns and other blockages in your life force or chi, creating healing on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. Clear Light Healing was developed by Mielle Vietor of Ojai, CA in 1972. For more information on Clear Light Healing visit
  • What is Medical Qi Gong?
    Medical qi gong is energy medicine that is part of the ancient Chinese medical system that also includes acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal therapy and medical massage. All of these systems use a system of energy channels that run through the body. When we are in good health our energy runs smoothly through these meridians. Aging, stress, poor diet, lack of movement and trauma, as well as other things can create blockages in our energy system. Medical qi gong balances out the energy system in the body by regulating the chi (also known as prana or vital energy) in the body through removing blockages and infusing the body with energy. For more information: 44-resources/94-what-is-medical-qigong
  • What is Chinese Medical Aromatherapy?
    This practice uses specific essential oils on specific acupressure points on the body to facilitate healing. It is a powerful tool and is used in sessions to increase the potency of a treatment. Specific oils and points may also be given as homework to keep the healing going through home practice.
  • What is Qi gong movement therapy?
    Qi gong is an ancient Chinese therapy that combining breath with movement to regulate the flow of energy in the body and through the meridians. Most people experience increased energy, relaxation, a feeling of lightness and increased feelings of well being after practicing qi gong.
  • What is Pranayama and qi gong breath work?
    Pranayama is the yogic technique of breath control. Qi gong also has breathing exercise, and both pranayama and qi gong breath exercises can have powerful therapeutic effects. Our breath is the only function of the body that is part of both the voluntary and involuntary nervous systems so we can use the breath to change the way we feel. These exercises are amazing therapeutic tools and can be effective for many different conditions, including anxiety, depression, balancing hormones and boosting the immune system.
  • What is Crystal Healing?
    Crystal Healing uses different stones and minerals to help balance out the energy system of the body. Each crystal has it’s own unique properties, and when they are placed on acupressure points or on specific chakras they can have a powerful healing effect.
  • Will my insurance cover energy healing?
    Unfortunately, no. Many HSA plans will accept energy healing however. It is best to call them and check, and you can also ask your doctor for a prescription. I am happy to talk with your HSA or your doctor. While energy healing has existed for thousands of years, there is currently not widespread acceptance of its healing benefits. We need to do more studies and advocate for acceptance.
  • Where is your office?
    It is in central Austin near 45th and Burnet. You will receive the exact address in an e mail when you schedule a session.

I can’t thank you enough. Since our session I have experienced a release from not only the mental distraction of my physical symptoms, but the physical symptoms themselves. I’m a believer!

KS, Austin, TX

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