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In-person Sessions

In-person Sessions take place at my home office in the Rosedale neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  We will take time for you to share what your concerns are, and any developments since your previous session if it is a return visit. After this, I will perform a healing session. You will relax on a massage table with an amethyst crystal mat that emits healing infrared energy. I will check into your meridians, organ systems and energetic field to see what is out of balance and then work on clearing, balancing and infusing energy with my hands.  I may also connect with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to see if they have any messages for you.

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I will use a custom aromatherapy blend, with oils chosen to address any imbalances and enhance your energy. Finally, crystals will be placed at strategic locations on your body and around you to help integrate the healing and balance your energy.


After the healing session, we will discuss what came up during our time together, any images or sensations that felt significant for you, any guidance that came through for your benefit.  I will then provide you with instructions on how to continue your healing at home through movement, affirmations, crystal healing, herbs and acupressure self-massage.


New Client Session 150$. - a 90 Minute Session at a Special Price

1 Hour Session 130$

90 Minutes. 195$



Eileen is attuned, professional, and incredibly effective as a healer. My sessions with her have helped to free me of accumulated tensions, and the result is greater clarity, equanimity and a wonderful sense of feeling happy and grounded. As someone who is in a helping profession, I feel so fortunate to have these sessions with Eileen for my own self-care and healing.

Anita, psychotherapist (LCSW)

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Eileen generates a sense of safety. She is both sensitive and intuitive. I went for an energy session and my experience was extremely powerful. Last year I lost a nephew who died of complications due to Cystic Fibrosis. During my time with Eileen I got in touch with deep layers of grief that I had not yet tapped into and a calming sense that my nephew’s energy continues to be present in my life. I have so much gratitude to Eileen and strongly recommend her as ahealer.

Annie D. Psychotherapist

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